Saturday 10 May 2014

CF.Objective(): what I will/might go see

Bloody hell... this is proving to be a bit of a mission. There are so many good presentations and presentations I feel I should go to and a lot of overlap & different twists on similar content. What I do know is my brain is going to be busy. Note to self: no hangovers. Do not put yourself in a situation in which you end up with a hangover (there, that's out of the way, I can ignore that idea now).

OK, so I'm going through the CF.Objective() schedule, and trying to work out when to go to what. Here's my first pass. NB to whoever created the schedule page... links to the presentation summaries and speakers' bios would have been really excellent.

ArchitectureFront-endjs.Objective()Security / SysAdminTesting / Automation


Drinking (OK, they describe it as "Welcome Reception")


Redesigning the Interface: Making Software Development Make Sense to Everyone

Jen Myers
I listened to Jen's interview on CFHour ("Show #215: Conferences, Keynotes, Diversity and More"), and she seems to know her stuff, so whatever she's gonna talk about will be worth listening to.

The Top 5 Things You are Doing Today to Hinder Scalability

Dan Wilson
This sounds like a good topic, but clashes with the Node.js one, so it's "in reserve".

Don't Let Your Stylesheets Give You Lip. Fight Back with SASS!

Andy Matthews
I am perfectly content not knowing much about CSS stuff, and pleased that knowing so little about it seldom gets me into the situation of being made to do it.

Creative Node.js

Ben Farrell
I seriously want to get up to speed with Node.js (how long have I been saying this for now?) but just never get around to it. So consuming some content might help inspire me.

Security Headers

Pete Freitag
This is something I know nothing about, but perhaps I ought to. And Pete knows his stuff regarding security, so I'm sure this is a valuable presentation.

Testing, Testing Everywhere

Kev McCabe
I don't think Kev will be discussing anything I don't already know. He's a good, empassioned presenter, so if you are not up to speed with testing, this would be a great pick.

Advanced Caching Techniques with Ehcache, BigMemory, Terracotta, and ColdFusion

Rob Brooks-Bilson
I saw half of this (I missed the first half due to chatting in the hallway too much), and it's an excellent presentation, and Rob is an excellent presenter who really knows his stuff. I'm sorely tempted to go again, to hear the first half (and any updates he's made).

Ready? Bootstrap. Go!

Guust Nieuwenhuis
Guust, are you still doing this presentation? ;-)

I think I have seen this once or twice already. So will give it a miss this time.

Leveling-Up at Javascript: DOM Traversal

Brian Rinaldi
It'd be fascinating to see different approaches to DOM traversal than the way I always rely on... jQuery.

Using OWASP ZAP to Find Vulnerabilities in Your Web Apps

Dave Epler
Dave's another one who knows his security stuff. So it's a toss-up between this and Rob's one.

Language Enhancements in ColdFusion Splendor

Ram Kulkarni
I've seen this presentation already, plus have already looked more closely at this stuff for my blog research than Ram will be able to dedicate time to in a single presentation.

Adobe General Session

I wonder if this will be a sales pitch again? Hopefully they have learned from last year. I'll be there - front and centre - to find out.

Monitor, Troubleshoot & Protect Your CF/Railo Servers with FusionReactor 5

Charlie Arehart
I'm going to Ray's presentation, so did not really look at what the other offerings were.

Introduction to Cordova/PhoneGap

Raymond Camden
I've been wanting to see this presentation for quite a while now, so definitely going to it. It's one of the ones I am most looking forward to at CF.Objective(). No pressure then, Ray ;-)

Javascript - The Stack

Adrian Pomilio
Clashes with Ray

Running CF on Linux

Pete Freitag

Stressed About NoSQL? Relax with CouchDB

Andy Matthews

Panel Discussion: Are Content Management System Really All That?

Jason Dean, Luis Majano, Simon Free, Dave FergusonTim Cunningham, Matt Levine
Betteridge's law of headlines is in play here, I think.

Node.js: Why Would Anyone Want to Write Their Own Web Server?

Sharon DiOrio
Argh! This clashes with Ray's presentation. This'd be my second pick here. If Ray doesn't hold my attention, I'll catch this one instead.

Securing APIs: Practical Authorization and Authentication in Sessionless States

Matthew Reinbold
Clashes with Ray

What's a Pull Request? (Contributing to Open Source)

Brad Wood
This reminds me... I have a half-written blog article on this very subject. I must get on with it. I really wish Brad's presentation was on at a different time, as I wish I could go so it. Anyone who isn't up to speed with this stuff should be at this sessions.


Software Craftsmanship

Kev McCabe
Clashes with too many other things that I'd get more out of, in this slot :-(

Developing HTML5 Mobile Applications using ColdFusion Splendor

Ram Kulkarni
Can you stop calling it "Splendor" now please? It's ColdFusion 11. "Splendor" is embarrassing, and makes the product sound stupid. Or like an artificial sweetener.

Web Components are Awesome (and Polymer too)

Elliott Sprehn
This is another conference highlight for me. Elliott just knows his stuff, so this will be great.

The JVM Is Your Friend

Kai Koenig
I can probably catch this at SotR, or I imagine CFCamp too/instead?

Automate all the Front End Development Things!

Kitt Hodsden
Kit's doing this at SotR 2014 too, so could go see it then, if I skip the CF11 security one and Kai's JVM one. Hmmm. It's really a presentation I want to see.

Groovy, Learn Another Language

Dan Vega, Joshua Caito
This and Ray's ones are the ones I'm looking forward to the most. Scott Stroz gave me a taste of Groovy @ last year's CFO, and I want to see more.

AngularJS: Getting the UI Sugar without the jQuery Pain

Sharon DiOrio
It clashes with the Groovy presentation: sorry Sharon :-(

Stop Making Excuses And Start Testing Your JavaScript!

Ryan Anklam

Security Best Practices and New Features of ColdFusion 11

Elishia Dvorak

Taming ColdFusion Stability Issues & How Hostek Provides Less Painful Hosting

Jon Cavanaugh, Jake Hand
Clashes with the Groovy one, so did not investigate this...

Leveling-Up at Javascript: Understanding the Confusing Bits

Jason Dean
... or this.

Setting Up Your Multi-Engine Environment - Apache, Railo and Coldfusion - Play Nice Kids

Gavin PickIn
Dammit Gavin. Why are you speaking in this slot?!

BDD (Behavior Driven Development) - Change the way you code

Luis Majano
I'd be going to this if i didn't clash with the Groovy one. I wanna be convinced by BDD as a practice. That said, I imagine this is about the closure-based syntax TestBox has which is labelled "BDD style", rather than the concept of BDD itself, which is a different thing (and not code-centric)

Don't Throw That Out! Bringing Legacy Code In To This Century

Steve "Cutter" Blades
I'd like to see Cutter's presentation, but will be at the Railo one.

Railo 5.0 and Beyond

Gert Franz
I'm dead keen to see what Railo is bringing to CFML next. They definitely lead in CFML innovation and direction now.

Panel Discussion: Why Client-Side?

Ben Farrell, Raymond Camden, Adrian Pomilio, Sharon DiOrio, Dan Wilson, Tim Cunningham
Might be interesting, but won't be able to attend.

Building Communities: Lessons Learned From 4 Years Running a Successful Open Source CFML Project

Adam Tuttle
As with Cutter's one... wish I could attend this oen.

Digging Into The Developer Toolbox 2013 (Work Smarter, Not Harder)

Jim Priest
Sounds interesting, but is a clash with the Railo one, so did not read up on it.

Beyond CFIndex - Apache Solr Enterprise Search Server and ColdFusion Integration

Jim Leether
I've never had a need to use Solr, so this is a bit off my radar.

Getting Your Hands on CFClient

Simon Free
Do you know what? I'm probably gonna go to this one. It got good reviews when Simon did it at CFSummit last year.

New CMS and legacy applications; Don't re-write - integrate!

Steve Withington
This could be interesting, but clashes with another two I'm more likely to go ti.

Splendor and High Quality PDFs - Adobe

Rakshith Naresh, Tim Cunningham
I've no interest in PDFs.

Say Goodbye to “It works on my machine” with Chef and Vagrant

Curt Gratz
I want to know about Vagrant, so if Simon's <cfclient> presentation sux, I'll skip out to this one.

Open Yourself to Closures

Adam Tuttle
I suspect my skills in this area are on about a par with my namesake here, so it would not be the best use of my time watching this, although it'll definitely be a worthwhile presentation if the notions of "closure", "function expressions", "call backs" etc leave you a bit uncomfortable. It's great stuff.

Developer's Guide to JavaScript and Web Cryptography

Kevin Hakanson
Fascintating... but I am mostly set for the <cfclient> one.

Updating/Hotfixing ColdFusion 10, 9 and 8: Tips and Traps

Charlie Arehart
There's not much for me to learn from Charlie here.

Git Source Control: For the Rest of Us

Nolan Erck
This would be cool, but it's trumped by the <cfclient> one.

Adobe BOF

Rakshith Naresh
I'm not sure I'd get much from this that I don't already know

ColdBox BOF

Brad Wood
Not interested in ColdBox, sorry guys. Workshop BOF (Node.js)

Ryan Anklam,Adam Tuttle
I'd go to this, but I need to go to the Railo one.

Board Game & Gaming BOF

Jason Dean,Tim Cunningham
Not interested in either of these subjects.

Railo BOF & Beyond

Gert Franz
I'll be here.


Creating Services for Modern Web Applications

Mike Nimer
This could be interesting, and Mike knows his stuff, but I think my interests lie more with the JS end of things.

My Charts Can Beat Up Your Charts

Dave Ferguson
Not so interested in charting, sorry Dave.

As Dave mentions below in a comment, "[his] preso is more about linking (data-driven documents) and web sockets". And that does sound interesting. But still not enough to shake my intention to see the Ember.js prezzo in the other room :-(

Ember.js - A Framework For Building Ambitious Web Applications

Ryan Anklam
Ryan's a great presenter, so I'm looking forward to this. I've also been wanting an intro to Ember.js, so this'll be excellent.

CF911: Solving Frequent CF Server Problems in New/Better Ways

Charlie Arehart
Again, I don't know if there's much I could learn from Charlie here. This is no disrespect to Charlie one bit... but if I ever need to do server admin I'll slit my wrists rather than do it (I have a background in server admin, and I can't stand it).

Stressing APIs for Greater Scalability: Methodically Breaking Stuff FTW

Matthew Reinbold
This sounds interesting, but not as interesting as Ryan's one.

Making Bad Code Good

Dan Wilson
Sounds fascinating (and I certainly have a lot of code which could benefit from this sort of treatment). I wish it was in a different slot.

Real World Lessons in jQuery Mobile

Kai Koenig
I'm not the target audience for this, never having done either mobile dev or jQuery Mobile.

Let WebSocket Hit that F5 for You

Jose Galdamez
I heard Jose talk about this on CFHour ("CF Objective 2014 Interview Show 2: Galdamez, Gratz, Cutter"), and it piqued my interest. So I'm in.

Decouple and Scale with Enterprise Messaging

Luis Majano
Although this sounds good too.

Managing ETL with SSIS - Why ColdFusion isn't the Best Tool in your Toolbox

Jeff Garza
This could be good, but I've already got two clashing topics in this slot.

Dependency Injection, Why is it Awesome and Why Should I Care?

Nolan Erck
I know a fair bit about DI, but suspect there's more to learn.

Level-Up Your Front-End Skills: Going Beyond ColdFusion’s UI Tags

Abram Adams
I strongly support the intent of this presentation, but I don't know I'd get much from it. I hope Abram manages to throw in "Oi! You bloody wankers! Stop using ColdFusion UI controls"

Leveling-Up at Javascript: Organization, Performance & Testing

Raymond Camden
Clashes with too many other options.

Caching Strategies with Railo

Gert Franz
As does this one.

Getting Started with MongoDB for CFML Developers

Dan Skaggs
I've been looking forward to this presentation. I was chatting with Dan whilst he was learning MongoDB and planning this presentation, and it sounds like it'll be a better fit for me than the other MongoDB prezzos I've seen, as it's a specifically CFML-centric one.

Developing Single Page Apps (SPA) with ColdFusion and Angular

Mike Collins
This is another tough slot, as there's a few things I'd like to see. This is one potential one... Angular.js is yet another thing I am still not up to speed with.

Getting Started with Responsive Web Design

Matt Busche
Not interested in design, and never do any anyhow, so not relevant for me. I know Matt reads this blog, so I hope to buy him a beer at some stage, if nothing else!

FutureJS: An Introduction to ECMAScript 6 “Harmony”

Marcin Szczepanski
This sounds interesting, but think I could probably research it more thoroughly on my own.

Practical MultiLingual (i18N) Approaches

Oguz Demirkapi
We've got a multi-language site, and I am not sure we'r doing it in the ideal fashion. And always want to hear of different approaches to stuff.

Real World Selenium Testing

Mary Jo Sminkey
This would be cool, but is slightly outside what I need to do on a daily basis (we have a dedicated testing team, who would benefit from seeing this presentation). But I'm holding it in reserve.

Blimey. That took ages to go through. I've not read all the presentation précis yet, but have been able to intuit what I want to go see mostly from the titles, and the person/people giving the presentations.

Over and above the presentations, I am really looking forward to catching up with an awful lot of the presenters and other attendees to have a chat / beer. Often this is the best part of a conference, IMO.

Looking fwd to seeing y'all on Tues / Weds / whenever.