Tuesday 1 April 2014

For the non-Firefox users amongst my readers

Inspired by OKCupid's move today, I am displaying a popover on this blog when a Firefox user first visits:

The text states this:

Sorry about the "WTF?" moment going on here. I am posting this notice in front of anyone accessing my blog from Firefox.

As I say in my communications policy for this blog, everything here is my opinion. Generally I stick to my opinions about stuff relating to CFML, but I reserve the right to express my opinion on any topic.

Something I have a strong opinion on is the topic of prejudice and bigotry. I won't conscion it. I do not simply mean racial bigotry, I mean bigotry of any stripe, including homophobia.

I was very disappointed to see that Mozilla have appointed a "card-carrying" bigot to the position of CEO. As we have all heard by now, Brendan Eich is so prejudiced against homosexual people he has financially invested in attempts to underwrite homophobia into United States law.

In my opinion, this is completely unacceptable. I can't have a say in whether he should be stood down from this position, but the longer he retains it, the dimmer is my view of Mozilla as a company.

As my own small protest I have deinistalled Firefox from my computer, and I am also now inviting you to do the same.

I'll only be displaying this banner to you once... I've popped a cookie on your browser so it should not display again. Sorry for the interruption.

Unlike OKCupid, I will display it only once.

But, hey... if you're like-minded, please consider voting with your feet.

If you're not like-minded, please do (oh please do) post comments on my blog like this:

Really? You're giving a "Yeah, Fuck that guy" a well said? I think Adam may have had a few cocktails before posting this non-CFML related message, or maybe it was click bait Huffington Post style (worked on me). So what's the issue here guys/gals? The man can't have traditional values and or beliefs without getting told to go fuck himself? Real mature.
I doubt he's anti-gay but who knows maybe he dreamt of strangling queers while creating that god awful javascript mess, that's what everyone should be boycotting, not Firefox but js. Just a quick question, would there be this much rage, ranting, pissing and moaning if Mozilla named a... umm... I don't know.... a Muslim as CEO? Didn't think so.

I've updated the para below to revise the word "racism" - muslims do not represent a race after all - and replace it with "bigotry of your own" I believe that better represents the tenor of content to which I was referring.
Whose "traditional values" are prejudice and intolerance? I like the fact you assumed someone would need to be drunk to not be a bigoted prick. And I loved the fact that you manage to squeeze some latent racismbigotry of your own into that penultimate sentence mate.

Can't wait to see what Matthew, [...], Luke and John have to say.