Friday 7 March 2014

Java Training

My mate Mike Henke has passed on some good information, and said he wouldn't mind if I circulated to everyone else too.

I saw your recent post about CFML dying. Today I hit up webucator for a deal on their online java class for experienced programmers. They offered it for $1000 but I need 2 others to sign up too.

It starts April 28th 10am-5pm eastern time for 5 days..

If you want to mention this in a blog post or tweet that would be awesome for CFML-ers looking to learn something else and if they are like me, needing a set, short class to ramp up fast.

Mike makes a good point that a rapid skill injection like this could be great for people who need help / opportunity to move on from CFML. I'm not necessarily be suggesting a move to Java itself would be a good idea, but there's an awful lot of good techniques to be learned from Java that a CFMLer might not necessarily acquire day to day.

Even if not moving from CFML, it's just a great opportunity to get some intense exposure to another language.

And $1000 is a bloody excellent price.

As per Mike's comment below: he can be contacted on  henke dot mike at gmail dot com.