Monday 3 February 2014

Now, children...

... stop it.

There was a communications breakdown between what I said in my blog article and how the dudes from CFHour interpreted it. But that's the long and the short of it. No harm, no foul. We all have our opinions: if Scott and Dave didn't agree with me, that's their prerogative.

There's nothing wrong with not agreeing on stuff, and that disagreement could make the basis of a good conversation about things. If someone disagrees with what you think... there could well be a good reason for it, so instead of getting shirty about it, how about we discuss it instead?

Too often people see a disagreement in opinion as some sort of affront, and something to be defended against at all cost, and sometimes the first cost to go is "reason". This helps no-one. What does help is to listen to what they're saying (or read what they're writing), and take the words on their own merit without second-guessing any "loading" on it, and just weigh that up.

I will state my opinions vociferously. I expect & welcome anyone at any time to call me on my opinions. Vociferously. This is the bread and butter of getting to the bottom of things. And I think there is a lot of shit about CFML and its community that could stand to be gotten to the bottom of. I am completely unapologetic about that.

What we oughtn't do is a get all arsey at each other because someone expressed an opinion we didn't like.



PS: the irony of me telling people to "stop it" in the same article as trying to engender discussion only eluded me for about 30sec. I meant useful discussion.