Thursday 2 January 2014

Go on, tell me what you really think...

I touched on this in the article I just pressed "publish" on a few min ago: "Contempt of court". A while back Kev put me onto this website It's for people to leave anonymous feedback about other people.

It's an interesting concept, and I have opened an account there. You can whine about me all you like via

To be honest, you should feel you can say anything you like to me to my face (or personally, without feeling the need to be anonymous). I won't take offence, and I could well agree with what you say, or we can make a discussion out of it. But anyway, some people like hiding behind electronic apron strings, so if that's you: here's your opportunity.

Whilst it's anonymous, that doesn't mean it's private. I reserve the right to reproduce anything written there. And I might even comment on it.

One thing I will say though, if you're commenting on what a baddy I am but then stoop to this sort of ad hominem:

you come across as a complete and utter asshole. [...] In short you become a unabashed prick.

Then I'm just gonna observe that you're engaging in the very thing you're deriding me for, however not having the courtesy to say it to my face.

Still: "sticks ''n stones" etc. It's not like any feedback along those lines surprises me or anything. It's just not really that constructive.

But it's great reading, so get into it.