Wednesday 4 December 2013

Random thought...

Right, I've been at the pub for the third night running (so much for a low-expense Dec), so this is not exactly the most well-formed idea I have ever had.

I was wending my home this evening on the Tube, and a word lodged in my mind: podcast. I love listening to podcasts. Not technical ones - with the exception of CFHour - more scientific / philosophical / social satire (or all three in one: TIMC).

No-one likes the sound of my own voice better than I do, which - as far as I can tell - is the sole qualification for the job... and I have a few people in mind whose brains I'd like to pick. TBH I don't think there's a great deal of merit in simply wittering on about my own thoughts for 10-60min, as what few "original" ideas I have in my head are not really that interesting. But what other people are doing... yeah, that's cool. Just surveying my Twitter feed and the conversations on IRC have me totting up a list of "interesting people to talk to", and that could keep a podcast going for years (especially if it was up to me how often I did one ;-).

So... yeah... that's a random thought. And I figured I'd be more likely to follow it up if I put it out there.  Out there it is now put (sic. Nod to Churchillian folklore intended).