Friday 15 November 2013

London Railo Meetup, Weds Nov 27

I'd just like to encourage people in the London / SE part of the UK to come along to the next London Railo Meetup: "Debugging Railo and general Railo discussion". It's - again - being held at the Pixl8 offices in Clapham / Wandsworth (very accessible via various transport links).

The topic for this meeting is summarised thus (from the page linked-to above):
We are going to get the opportunity to review how to debug Railo.

Mark Drew from Railo has agreed to run through the layout of the code, working with eclipse and debugging.

Time permitting we could select some bugs or features from the Jira tracker and talk about how we could approach them.

So that sound all right! I have to say I really like the idea of having a look at the tickets in Jira, and discussing what to do about them. This is great proactive stuff from Railo.

The previous meeting - a coupla months ago now (I think CFCamp got in the way of the Oct one) - was pretty good actually. it was quite "ad hoc", with Mark giving an unscheduled demonstration of some new / interesting stuff in Railo, and just a few things he was currently thinking about. We also had a few beers, lots of pizza, and generally chatted about Railo / work stuff.

It was good to put some faces to names I had only heard of via "the network", as well as catch-up with some people I previously only ever saw at conferences.

Another thing I'll say is that even if you're not using Railo itself, but just a CFML developer in general, come along anyhow. We're all CFML devs, and whilst the main topics might be Railo-centric, the sideline chatter is pretty much just CFML devs shooting the breeze. If you yourself can't make it, but know other people in the CFML community, please let them know too!

I wasn't going to be able to make it as I have a very early flight from LHR on the Thursday, so need to camp out at Heathrow on Wednesday night, but Alex has offered to drop me out there after the meeting, so I will indeed be there. If you're in that part of the world and you're one of the many people I owe a beer to for one reason or another, come along!

I think I read somewhere that the meet-up will be being recorded / streamed or something? I cannot find details of that just now, but I'm sure someone will remind me the details, and I'll cross-ref once I have them.

And now back to my other blog article that is under way...