Thursday 21 November 2013

Closed/deferred/NotEnoughTime, eh?

I was goaded (OK, not really) into this by some observers on IRC. This is in regards to ticket number 3123145.

Adobe, you really don't "get" how client-liaison works, do you?

 Here's the body of the ticket:

Solr Start Script on SELinux

Problem Description:
After installing ColdFusion 10, I attempted to start Solr and solr was unable to start.

Steps to Reproduce:
cd /opt/coldfusion10/cfusion/jetty
sudo ./cfsolr start

Actual Result:
CF Administrator under ColdFusion Collections is unable to connect to Solr. Upon inspecting the log file: /opt/coldfusion10/cfusion/jetty/logs/start.log I noticed an error message:
/sbin/runuser: invalid option -- 'X'
Try `/sbin/runuser --help' for more information.

Any Workarounds:
Looking at the cfsolr start/stop script it appears that I'm running the following two lines:
SUCMD="/sbin/runuser -s /bin/sh $RUNTIME_USER -c"
SOLRSTART='cd $SOLR;$SUCMD $SOLR_JVM/bin/java $JVMARGS -jar start.jar >> $SOLR/logs/start.log 2>&1'

I expect that adding quotes around the -c script contained in the option would solve the problem, but I have not tested this. It just appears that the runuser script is intercepting the -XX options from the JVMARGS variable

The ticket - raised in Feb 2012 - has been closed as "not enough time", despite the fix being included in the comments attached to the ticket.

There's also some first-line-support-esque interrogation from "Kunal Saini" from Adobe, but the questions don't seem coherent, in the context, more just like someone copying and pasting off a script.

Honestly, Adobe, just fix the frickin' thing. Stop mincing around with first-line support people and finding excuses to say "no" and to not do work. Just... update the text file, thus solving an issue for your clients.