Thursday 10 October 2013

Blocked request

I need some help. I have a situation like this (ColdFusion 9.0.1):

request.findMe = "here";

function f(string request){
    // get the request scope
    writeDump(var=[request]); // blocker
    writeDump(var=[structGet("request")]); // blocker


I need to insert some code at "// get the request scope" which creates a reference to the request scope that I can then reference later in the function. I cannot change any other code.

The above is not the real code, just a repro case that demonstrates the situation.

NB: I know the situation is less than ideal, codewise, but that is outwith my control.

Any ideas?

This is resolved. We took the approach that Sean suggests below. I'll update with more info later, but am flat out fixing a bug at the moment.