Wednesday 4 September 2013

CFML: cfcontent in CFScript

As per my earlier article about a <cfqueryparam> enhancement I raised, which Adobe have put in the pipeline to be fixed, here's another one which could use some votes to get re-opened and fixed:

No equivalent in cfscript for cfcontent

There is currently no support for cfcontent in cfscript can we have it please.
This is ticket 3133316. It's an easy obvious thing that should be implemented in CFScript. I haven't needed this thing every single day, obviously, but I have needed to recode files on occasion when I find I do need to use <cfcontent> in an otherwise CFScript-only file.

It's currently marked as Closed / NotEnoughTime, but I'm sure if enough people got behind it, it can be reopened and dealt with.

I don't mean to attempt any ballot stuffing, so don't just go vote for it because I asked you to. But if it's the sort of thing you have had a need for, or think should be in CFScript as a matter of course, please add your vote.