Wednesday 24 July 2013


Just so you know... I never sit on any of the stuff I blather on about, or save it to make a particular point.

There's a few general topics I've got lined up to investigate at some stage (eg:"PHP: Looking at arrays" - you know me and arrays, after all; or "What constitutes a date to ColdFusion?"), and I simply haven't got around to deciding what to write about those. But on the whole, what I write-up for each article is simply what's happening to me at that given point in time.

So if I comment on how Adobe should just leave CFML alone because they're negligent one day, and then post examples of the poor support ColdFusion gets from Adobe the next day... that is purely coincidence. Well: representative of what's going on in the CF community, but coincidence that I notice these things and end up writing about them.  Or - I'm getting "meta" now - I notice the coincidence and decide to write about it to reassure people it's just a coincidence. None of it is planned though.

Same as when I find bugs and log about them (a JSON deluge, anyone?). There's no agenda... it's just how things are working out for me at that given moment.

I mention this apropos of nothing, other than the fact even I have realised I've - twice - hit out rather hard at Adobe in the last 24h. It really is just happenstance.