Saturday 20 July 2013

Reaction to / plug for recent 2DDU podcast

This isn't some attempt at a controversial reaction to something someone else in the community has said, it's just that the 2DDU podcast blog is a bit exclusive in that it requires a Facebook login to comment. And I do not have a Facebook account.

So, oddly, here is a comment intended for someone else's blog on my own blog. This is a response to 2 Devs from Down Under's podcast "Episode 31 - The 2DDU Technology Radar"
G'day guys. Let's see if I can add a comment without needing a Facebook login.

Interesting show. There's a lot MORE stuff I now know I need to look at. I think I need another two clones of myself to keep up.

Can I make a suggestion for next time? The show was too long. Next time maybe do Kai's list in one show, and Mark's list in a second? I personally struggled to pay attention for 1h40m or whatever it was, indeed I fell asleep at one point (requiring a quick rewind).

Still: interesting stuff though. Good work.
Annoyingly, it allowed me to type the comment in before then saying "nah, you need to login, mate", which isn't great UX.

This should not detract from the show itself and all the hard work Kai and Mark put into it. Go listen to it! There's a summary list of what they talk about here: Episode 31 - The 2DDU Radar.