Wednesday 19 June 2013

@CfmlNotifier now notifies of UPDATES to ColdFusion bugs

I've hacked together some code which polls the Adobe Bugbase every six hours, and checks if any ColdFusion bugs have been updated. It will send out a Twitter update as per below for any updates it finds:
It checks the following fields:
  • Status (eg: Open)
  • State (eg: Unverified)
  • Comments (ie: if a new comment is added)
  • Votes (as above)
  • Attachments (as above)
It only polls OPEN bugs, and does not include CF Builder ones as yet.

The code is very sloppy, and I have to hang my head in shame in that I did not integrate the "new bug" notifications that it already does with these update ones: it's actually a separate app. I will unify them at some point, but that was more work and I couldn't be bothered.

I still intend to write an app that one can subscribe to specific bugs and get updates, but I'm scrubbing the work I've so far done and starting again. In the interim, hopefully this Twitter-based thing will be of some use to someone.

Let me know if you detect any problems or have any comments/suggestions.