Thursday 2 May 2013


In a surprise move... I am going to cf.Objective(). So that's quite cool. My mate Alex Skinner is heading over from Blighty too, and he convinced me to tag along. The lads (and guests) from CFHour also had a hand in convincing me I really ought to make it, as the presentations people described they're giving sound excellent.

I look forward to having a beer with the bods that I know only from emails / Twattery / forums / etc, ducking a few thrown punches from some others, and catching up with a few other bods I've already met and haven't completely alienated ;-)

I've not bothered to look at the schedules yet (because prior to deciding to head across, it just annoyed me to be missing out on all the excellent stuff, so I hid from it!), but I'll post what I think I might go to, and why, in the next coupla days.