Sunday 24 March 2013

How did you come to be using Railo?

I've concocted a quick survey, which simply asks how you came to be a Railo developer, IE: whether they have come from a history of using ColdFusion or BlueDragon, or straight to Railo having not used any other CFML engine.

The survey is here now closed. The results have been posted.

Why am I asking? Because there's an interesting thread on the Railo Google Group discussing what the priorities are for Railo documentation. I would think that thoroughly documenting the differences between ColdFusion's CFML and Railo's CFML would be the most useful. Other respondents there think this is less relevant than just positioning the docs as Railo docs, and existing in a vacuum: not stopping to consider that Adobe have already documented 99% of what Railo would need to document, given the two CFML implementations are very similar.

My suspicion is that most (all?) Railo users are migrating from or co-existing with ColdFusion already. But I have no stats to back this up. Hence asking y'all.

Hey, another favour... I'll post my usual Twitter status update referring back to this, but if you're on Twitter and follow me, could you please re-tweet it or send your own cross-reference? This is just so I expose the survey to the most people possible. My readership is still pretty low! Thanks.