Wednesday 30 January 2013

Blatant click bait: ColdFusion 10 Updater 8 is...

OK, this is a cop-out of an "article", and the title is purposely designed to make you go "huh? Update 8?" (they're only up to update 7 so far).

But I notice there's been a bug raised in the installer for update 8 (update: this bug has since been deleted, so the link is dead), so I guess it's due out any day now. After (hopefully) they iron out the bugs, that is ;-)

Hopefully this will be the one that has support for Java 7 (Java 6 is EOLed in Feb... which starts in a coupla days time), and support for Win 8 / 2012 and [the version of MacOS which isn't currently supported... don't know/care what it is].

That's entirely speculation, obviously. But perhaps it'll be worthwhile keeping yer eyes peeled for it, anyhow.

I think I have just created a blog article even more useless than those ones people create shortly after Adobe releases a patch and go "Adobe have released a patch". My excuse is I've been laid-up in bed for three days with wuss-flu, I currently have the attention-span of a... erm... um... what was I... hmmm. Never mind. Oh and I'm bloody bored.


Am back at work tomorrow though, blog-reading work colleagues. I expect to be in a bad mood (so everything back to normal then).