Tuesday 13 November 2012

Plug: Learn ColdFusion in a Week

Every man and his dog have mentioned the new resource that was launched within the last week: learncfinaweek.com. Except me.  Well I'm remedying that now.

First things first: right from when I first heard about it on Twitter, I thought it was a well-polished piece of work, even if the initial exchanges between myself and some of the people involved got off on the wrong foot (this has now been mostly sorted out offline, I think).  

I intend to work through the whole course (partly to sanity check, partly to learn stuff in areas my ColdFusion knowledge needs polishing, partly to see if I can offer any suggestions), and I recommend everyone else does too.  Obviously a lot of it will be pitched at a lower skill level than I possess - well I'd like to think so! - but looking at some of the topics later in the the week, I expect to learn stuff. Everything from the ORM section onwards will be useful to me, I think.

Looking through the list of contributors, all these people really know their stuff, and it's perhaps the highest concentration of ColdFusion skill in one place at one time, as far as documentary resources go. So this is a really really significant piece of work.

I'm mentioning Learn CF in a Week on my blog, and linking back to it, just so there's one more link to it out there for search engines to pick up on, to help it get up the search rankings. This'll be an important way for it to get on people's radars.  It'd be good if other people with blogs could likewise do the same, I think.

I'd also be great if we could somehow coerce Adobe to link to it (they currently do not), and perhaps get a side-bar link on the Adobe ColdFusion forums. A lot of people on those forums will benefit from the entire body of work in Learn CF in a Week (I hope I am not taking the piss with the keyword density here ;-).

It'd also be really good if it was promoted outside the ColdFusion community... people like me promoting it is a bit like preaching to the choir, so if anyone has any ideas of where else to promote it other than via ColdFusion-centric resources, I'm sure the bods at LCFiaW would be keen to hear about it.

Also whilst it's specifically targeting Adobe ColdFusion, a lot of the material in there will apply equally to Railo or BlueDragon, so hopefully their branches of the CFML community can promote it as a resource too.

Anyway, go have a look. And mention it on your blog or something.