Monday 13 August 2012

Communications policy

Just a quick note.

Please do email me about anything you read on the blog... the email address to use is cameron.adam+blog AT (I dunno if I need to do that anti-spam thing?).

Bear in mind that I reserve the right to reproduce in part or in whole any emails you send me.  If I quote just a part of it, I will make sure not to alter the context of what you have said.

Unless you state otherwise, I will also cite your name (but, obviously, not your contact details!).  If you specifically ask not to be identified, I will respect that.

All in all though, please consider commenting on the blog rather than emailing direct, if whatever you want to say relates to something I've said on the blog.

I'm fed-up with inane "my favourite platform is better than your favourite platform" comments being posted against articles that have nothing to do with the comparison of various CFML platforms. In fact even when the article is actually about such comparisons, such comments are completely insightless, so just not worth making.  If you post stuff like that, you're a f*ckwit.  And I will delete the comment. So don't bother.