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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Setting a CFAdmin password

I despair. I was going to sit down tonight and be all pseudo-intellectual and watch Au Revoir les Enfants (which I have somehow managed to not yet see) on DVD, and otherwise ignore my computer. And ignore ColdFusion.  But here I am.

I had a Twitter exchange with Russ Michaels and Brad Wood about this current slew of security holes in ColdFusion (there are not one but three, apparently), and I mentioned that I couldn't be arsed looking into it to see what the actual issue was. But just like playing The Game, once the topic came up, it intrigued me more and more, so I decided whilst dinner was cooking "ah, it won't take long to find it, I'll have a look". So off I went.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Positive Communication from Adobe regarding ColdFusion: more thoughts

G'day (again):
I'm following the comment thread on the "ColdFusion: News, Initiatives and Updates from Adobe" blog post on the Adobe blog that got posted a few days ago. I offered my first tranche of feedback a coupla days ago, and here's my second lot.

These are replies to people's comments, and some general thoughts. I'm posting them here rather than there because this is too long for a comment cluttering-up someone else's blog. I'll cross reference this article over there too though. Also I want to get this discussion on the radar of my readers too, in case they're not aware of it, or have not thought/bothered to follow it.

I've worked my way down the comments, and commented / responded as I go. It's a bit stream-of-consciousness.